I am not a huge sports enthusiast but I enjoy staying fit by going to the gym or running shorter distances, 10km or so. However recently I became interested in sports watches so I went online shopping. Goodness. Are there a lot of options to choose from. And I mean a lot! Garmin, Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Fitbits. Where does one even start. So I figured the best thing to do is do some/lots of research. Sure, this is probably like buying cellphones, in 2 years the thing will be regarded as ancient, but still, money is money. So I started the arduous journey of sorting through the myriad of reviews, top lists and Youtube reviews.

Later I came across a name that was popping up every now and again. The Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos/Pace 2. Everywhere there were pros and cons but the cons seemed negligible, to my mind in any case. The awesome part was that the more light that shone on the face the better you could see it, whereas many others were dull in sunlight. Another feature that was awesome was that it is completely waterproof. So I could go swimming with it and even more appropriately, I could sweat as much as I liked while dying small deaths running up a hill. I see more recently they have brought out a Stratos 2, but it’s not waterproof, a big con to me.

So after long consideration I placed the order. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. It did everything I wanted, steps counting, heart-rate monitoring, gps tracking, various sports. It can track laps you swim, even when running on the treadmill it’s pretty accurate and it even allows you to calibrate after the run seeing as there is no gps indoors. I am very impressed. Quality is good. And when I get bored I can even change the watch face or download custom made ones! The app you install to sync with the watch also syncs with Strava, so you can share your activities with other people. Battery life is very good, I get 5 days at least when not doing sport and of course less if I do a few sport activities that involve gps.

If you have any doubt, go ahead and get yourself a Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos/Pace 2.

PS: I do not get any endorsements for any product I rate. If it’s good, I am going to tell you about it!

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